I’ve decided to post all of my future blog posts on my website http://linda-hoang.com. Please go there to read about my life! 😉 My latest blog post is a summary of my first semester of TV broadcasting school!

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I’m in the first-ever group of Grant MacEwan University Graduates!

I am a University graduate!!!

November 9, 2009, was my convocation from Grant MacEwan University. It was the first-ever Grant MacEwan convocation with the new “University” name and not the “College” name. (The college officially got University status in September).

Pretty historic, if I do say so myself.

If anyone is wondering why it took me this long to graduate after officially finishing Journalism program classes back in April, it’s because the program included the summertime internship, which we needed to complete before being eligible for graduation. Thus, they stuck us in with the Fall graduates which turned out great for us because our diplomas include the University name!

(Note to self: Update resume with University name).

Anyway, the graduation felt kind of silly because I’m still in school. In fact, I had school the next day. Ha ha. But still, it was nice to sit with the class I’d spent two years with and it was nice to be recognized for my good grades (I got a special string to indicate that I had graduated “with distinction“/honours! It even said ‘with distinction’ on the actual diploma paper. Yay!)

I had a great time in the Journalism program at Grant MacEwan. I learned a lot and I received a lot of great experience and writing opportunities.

Blog post to update all on NAIT TV Broadcasting life, coming up next. 😉


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Lindork’s So You Think You Can Dance Blog Posts – Here are the Season 6 Top 20 Official Photos!

October 22 2009.

Top 20:

Top 10 Guys:

Nathan Trasoras. 18. Contemporary

Jakob Karr. 19. Contemporary

Legacy Perez. 28. Hip Hop / Breaker

Billy Bell. 19. Contemporary

Kevin Hunte. 23. Hip Hop

Victor Smalley. 20. Contemporary

Peter Sabasino. 22. Tap

Phillip Attmore. 25. Tap

Ryan Di Lello. 28. Ballroom

Russell Ferguson. 20. Hip Hop/Krump

Top 10 Girls:

Mollee Gray. 18. Jazz

Ellenore Scott. 19. Contemporary/Jazz

Kathryn McCormick. 19. Contemporary

Karen Hauer. 27. Latin Ballroom

Ariana Debose. 18. Contemporary

Noelle Marsh. 18. Contemporary

Pauline Mata. 19. Jazz

Channing Cooke. 18. Contemporary

Bianca Revels. 20. Tap

Ashleigh Di Lello. 26. Latin Ballroom

There’s your So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Top 20!

What do you think?

Pre-performance show I know I’m loving Nathan Trasoras, Jakob Karr and Legacy.

Sidenote: I like the new show opener!

🙂 Linda

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My articles for the NAIT Nugget student newspaper (Sept. 24-Oct.8)

So since starting TV Broadcasting at NAIT I’ve been volunteer writing for the student paper (The Nugget). I’ve got a regular technology column (I forget if I mentioned that in the last post) and I try to do at least one entertainment-related piece for the paper per week too!

Here are scans of the articles I’ve written in the last three weeks:

Here’s a picture preview for funsies:

I’ve had a lot of fun writing all the articles actually and I’m glad I’m still keeping up with print journalism whilst studying the broadcast side! 😉 Plus it’s awesome because The Nugget actually PAYS you for articles! Being paid for my work? What a concept.

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My first month at NAIT.

So my first month of school is wrapping up and I haven’t blogged about anything all month, my bad. I’ve definitely been busy!

This isn’t really the best blog post but I just wanted to post up a quick summary of my first month in school.

Here are the classes I’m taking this semester:

  • Promotions and Marketing
  • Mass Communications
  • Computer Applications
  • Basic Broadcast Writing
  • Effective Communications
  • Law and Ethics
  • Introduction to Audio
  • Basic Video Production
  • Introduction to Studio Production
  • Team Skills (2-Day Workshop)

When I first saw the program details and the semester course list, I was confused as to how 10 courses were going to be able to fit into a semester schedule (well, 11 courses actually– I was able to get credit for one course (English/Grammar) that I completed already at MacEwan so I am exempt from it at NAIT, woo hoo!) Anyway, it does work. It just means my Tuesdays are absolutely brutal. I had gotten used to three-hour classes at MacEwan but on Tuesday I’ve got a four-hour Intro to Studio Production class. Which, actually the hands-on in-class exercise stuff so far has been a lot of fun, but the theory part makes me want to just die of boredom. Four hours with just a 15 minute break is just wrong…

Anyway like I said above, I was able to get credit for the English/Grammar course because I had taken English 101, Proofreading & Copyediting, and Grammar for Writers, back at MacEwan. I’m totally stoked about this because it frees up my Wednesday afternoons! At the same time, I wouldn’t mind taking the class because there are vocabulary/definition tests and other grammar testing that I am actually really interested in. HA how nerdy am I?

There was a big Radio & Television party this past month too. It was called “Meet the Firsts” and it was basically a chance for all of the first semester students (that’s my batch) to get acquainted with each other and also meet the second and third semester students. The interesting thing is that my entire class is already SO close with one another. It’s great actually, it’s really cool but it’s also totally weird like I’ve never seen a group of students mesh so well together so quickly. I think it’s going to be a great next two years with these guys! 🙂

I’ve also started writing for NAIT’s newspaper, The Nugget! Since I’ve done so much news stories at MacEwan and for my newspaper internships, I’m really trying to get more entertainment/not-so-hard-newsy type stories to write for The Nugget. And so far so good! I’ve written a piece about a band, an Edmonton Film Festival competition, and I’ve also somehow gotten myself my own column?! It’s a weekly technology column and it’s pretty sweet I’m pretty excited about it. I wrote about a dual LCD screen Samsung camera for this week. And this weekend I’ll be writing another tech piece along with a review of a Jason Mraz concert!! Once this week’s issue comes out I’ll scan the articles I’ve written so far and post them up. 🙂 Writing for this paper has been pretty great so far because everyone (like my class) is super nice, they PAY you for articles ($$$!), and they provide free sandwiches at the weekly lunch meetings! Hehe. I’ve also gotten really good feedback about my writing from the editors and I totally appreciate the comments. I mean, I would hope that my writing is good given that I just finished two years of journalism and have written things for legit newspaper publications, but it’s always nice to get the compliments!

Anyway, now to fill space I am going to post a few pictures!
(Click to view a larger size).

(Top L-R): (1) Me & Julie on TV!! haha. Our class did an exercise where everyone got to be an anchor-person, a camera-person, and a floor director. I actually loved doing all three roles but there’s definitely something about all the control that the floor director has that I am mighty attracted to! (2) Me & Julie as professional cord coilers! We learned how to properly wrap up cables so that they wouldn’t get tangled when you unwrap them. Under around, over inside! Ha. (Bottom L-R): (3) Some of the ladies of the TV program, Class of 2009-2011. (4) Me posing with a very old NAIT News banner.

More soon!

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My Articles with Metro Edmonton (Sept. 1-5/2009)!

Here are articles written by me for Metro Edmonton this week:

Yay! I really love the feeling of seeing my byline in the paper and then clipping out the article and adding it to my collection. Heh.

Linda (:

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My week with Metro Edmonton.

I did a short, one-week internship with Metro Edmonton this week! It was a great way to get back into the journalism feel of things since my last internship was back in June and I’ve mostly just been vacationing since then (though I consider my SYTYCD blogging/interviews to have that journalism-y feel to them as well).

Anyway, I had a lot of fun, met and spoke with some nice people, got out and about in the city and the community, and got some clippings that I’m happy to showcase in my online writing portfolio! I also got nice reviews from my editor. Yay!

I did at one-two stories a day, along with multiple little briefs, as well as streeters. And I also took my own photos for one of the events, which reminded me how I want to get back into more photography too!

This week, more than ever, I was reminded of how the media industry is a small world. It seems like you see the same people – newspaper or television reporters, camera people and photographers, at all the same events that you go to cover. And once you actually figure out the names of those people you constantly see, you find that they’re not even strangers really because you recognize their name, you recognize their byline, or you’ve seen them on TV. Everyone’s pretty interconnected. One good example is that I met a freelance photographer who had also graduated from the same program as me, and had did his internship at the Journal as well, just like I did. He also told me he does freelance work for a photographer who was my photography teacher last year. And one of my Metro co-workers also graduated the same year as he did, and also from the same journalism program. Small world right? But definitely neat and interesting, and it has it’s advantages.

But at the same time that made me think how that small world and interconnection could really hurt someone who maybe has the wrong attitude at an event, or made a mistake of some kind. Because if you rub shoulders the wrong way with someone, chances are they could very well have graduated from the same program as a guy who could eventually be the editor of some tv station or newspaper that you end up applying for a job at. And maybe you don’t get that job because said editor remembers his friend who mentioned that so and so was unprofessional or what have you.

Anyway I’m not saying any of the above stuff happened to me (because it hasn’t, I’m pretty friendly and nice with everyone I encounter at media events, and in general), but that’s just an alternative scenario that popped into my mind this week as I kept seeing the same people covering the same events as me.

The media industry being as small as it seems, with everyone somehow knowing everyone else, means that as a reporter, or as a journalism student in general, you just shouldn’t be douchey to anyone because word of your douchbaggery could travel fast and to someone important.

Then again, who, no matter what field you are in, wants a bad reputation anyway right?

So be nice. Thank people for their time. Make sure you let people who have helped you in some way, know that you appreciate it. And so on and so forth!

Linda 🙂

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