SUMMARY: what i learned this week, June 2-6

June 16, 2008 at 7:01 pm Leave a comment

Things I learned this week…

1. Letting your editor and coworkers know what interests you can REALLY help you out in the path to writing about what you truly love.

2. I am still awful at headline and deck writing but there have been some improvements. Alliteration helps.

3. You can put slight adjustments on kerning and playing around with the pullout air size that can help a lot in making stories fit onto the layout.

4. Taking pictures and talking to senior citizens is nice.

5. I say um too much between my questions when I interview people, I need to work on that.

6. But when people praise you for being a good interviewer, it’s a really good feeling (even though I felt I could have done better).

7. Making eye contact with people you interview face to face is a good interviewing thing to do.

8. Trying to make the interview more like just a casual conversation is also a really good interviewing thing to do.

9. But pausing between question/answers to look down at what my next question should be is awkward and I should learn how to do that less.

10. I really want to write a column about the reality shows I watch.

More next week…


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