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What the heck does IMO mean, like SRSLY?

March 30 2009.

Lately I’ve been frequenting the ONTD Celebrity Blog on an overly-regular basis. Now one of the great things about ONTD is the users and their hilarious comments. I’ve become rather addicted to reading comments on the blog’s posts, I think in large part to the fact that they are usually witty, snarky, and are accompanied by one or several Internet slang acronyms.

I understood the basic ones, you know – LOL, WTF, ROFL, OMG, etc. But then I started seeing ones I’ve never ever seen before, ones like NGL, IDGAF, IDGI, etc. I’ve always considered myself Internet savvy and having a pretty good handle on Internet trends and what not, but here was a pile of acronyms that I had no clue the meaning of!! Was I getting too old? I’m only 19 for godsake..

Needless to say, I needed to learn what these “new” acronyms meant. What did that mean I had to do? No, not go out and buy one of those tween acronym Internet books.

What I did was enlist the help of a 15-year-old, Generation Y, really Internet savvy girl who could tell me what these strange words meant and help me compile a list of currently commonly used acronyms!

And that’s what the following is, my compilation of some current commonly used Internet slang. Compiled thanks to the assistance of the very helpful Kelly D. (with some input by a frequent ONTD-goer, Tanvi G.)

                                          Wondering WTF these letters mean?
                                                      Here’s your new guide!

The Basics:

LOL – laughing out loud
LMAO – laughing my ass off
ROFL – rolling on floor laughing
OMG – oh my god
WTF – what the eff
BRB – be right back
BTW – by the way
FYI – for your information
IMU – i miss you
ILU/ILY– i love you

What the “Basics” sounds like:

2 Letter Acronyms:

JK – just kidding
JC – just checking
H/O – hold on
DL – down low
OT – off topic
QT – cutie
BB – baby
TY – thank you
YW – you’re welcome
NP – no problem
WB – welcome back
W/E – whatever
W/O – without

What these 2 Letter Acronyms sound like:

3 Letter Acronyms:

IRL – in real life
NGL – not gonna lie
IDK – i don’t know
IDC – i don’t care
IKR – i know right
FML – eff my life
BBL – be back later
MTE – my thoughts exactly
IMO – in my opinion
AFK – away from keyboard
ASL – age sex location
BFF – best friends forever
TMI – too much information
TBH – to be honest
TBA – to be announced
TIA – thanks in advance
ETA – edited to add
FTW – for the win
FTL – for the lose
ATM – at the moment
BFD – big effing deal
SOL – shit outta luck
O I C – oh I see
SRS – serious
FWB – friends with benefits
AWK – awkward
ESP – especially
DEF – definitely
OBV – obviously
HDU – how dare you
ILH – i love him or i love her

What these 3 Letter acronyms sound like:

4 or More Letter Acronyms:

IDGI – I don’t get it
IJAF – it’s just a fact
STFU – shut the eff up
JSYK – just so you know
TTFN – ta ta for now
TTYL – talk to you later
TTYS – talk to you soon
AWOL – absent without leave / missing
SRSLY – seriously
BFFL – best friends for life (BIFFLE)
IDGAF – I don’t give a eff
AFAIK – as far as I know
BBSOL – be back sooner or later
IAWTC – I agree with this completely
ILYSM– I love you so much

What these 4 or More Letter acronyms sound like:

Some random Internet Slang:

LAWLS & LULS – variations of “lol”
LMAOSAURUS & ROFLCOPTER – variations of “lmao” and “rofl”
WEAKSAUCE & LAMESAUCE – that is weak, that is lame
OM NOM NOM – the sound one makes when they are eating something very fast or chomping

You can also add “f” (eff) to many acronyms such as LMFAO & OMFG.

What some of these random slang words sound like:

Basically these days an entire sentence that is understandable to the Internet public can be written with mostly acronyms!


Translation: (Haha) oh my god that was seriously for the win (haha) I love you so much and I agree with this completely, not gonna lie.

JSYK IDGAF TBH that was TMI so just STFU IDC.
Translation: Just so you know I don’t give a f*ck, to be honest that was too much information so just shut the f*ck up, I don’t care.

Translation:I love you, i miss you, seriously you’re my best friend for life baby.

Of course no one would actually write an entire sentence with strictly acronyms (well I hope not anyway).

When I asked my dear 15-year-old friend (who is actually quite an intelligent individual, as are many of the individuals who post comments on ONTD using tons of acronyms) why she types in acronyms and purposely spells words incorrectly, she responded with this:


Hahaha! Of course, I’m really not judging because I like to use acronyms and spell things wrong on purpose in chats and messages as well. This post was just something I thought would be a helpful reference for myself and whoever else happens to google “What the heck does IMO mean?!!?” and more. 😀

Let me know if there are any popular acronyms that you’ve seen being used around the interwebz that you think I should add to this list! 😉

Also, only a few more days until the Top 10 of the Best Job in the World is announced! I’m becoming so very, very nervous. If TQ (Tourism Queensland) is going for geographical diversity with their Top 10 selections, than my chances are seriously shot because there’s so many candidates from Canada and all of us are could make it but they can’t choose a large number of us if they’re trying to maintain worldwide interest. Sigh! 😦 I’m trying to stay positive and crossing my fingers, praying, and all that good stuff though. Hopefully Thursday is a happy, happy day!


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“I think I’ll wear my hair in a ponytail, the world hasn’t seen me in a ponytail yet!” ;)

March 25 2009.

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was on Alberta Primetime, a fairly new news show that airs across the province from 7-8pm! (If you’re in Alberta and reading this, you should start watching it! I think it’s so awesome and uplifting that in this time of crazy job cuts in the media industry, a new news show could start up like this! So support it, please! ;))

March 24 2009 - On Set of Alberta Primetime!

March 24 2009 - On Set of Alberta Primetime!

I was interviewed by Brandy Yanchyk, who was so great! She gave me some great journalism advice and I gave her the address to my parent’s restaurant so she could come by and have some noodle soup sometime! 😉

March 24 2009 - On Alberta Primetime set just before 7PM! :)

March 24 2009 - On Alberta Primetime set just before 7PM! 🙂

March 24 2009 - Getting powdered for the show! :D

March 24 2009 - Getting powdered for the show! 😀

Out of all the interviews and TV appearances I’ve done since making the Top 50, this was the first one where there was actually makeup involved!! Haha! They said I didn’t need much (woo hoo!) but they powdered my face so it wouldn’t shine on TV. LOL!

So the shininess that dominated my Canada AM appearance didn’t repeat. Phew 😉

And as noted in the title of this blog, I put my hair up for the interview because thus far in everything I’ve done this month (except for a video blog), my hair has been down! So I thought the world (ha! I’m flattering myself, I mean the province :P) should see me with my hair up!

My segment only lasted a few minutes but I stuck around till the end of the show because, well, they let me! 🙂

Watching how the cameras work and seeing the behind the scenes aspect of a newscast is so interesting!

Seriously, being in the Top 50 has been the greatest experience ever!!!! Interviews, backstage in television studios, emails, tweets, and phone calls with reporters and news producers! Not only has all of this been so exciting, but it’s been such a great learning experience especially considering I’m in journalism!! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! I have had the time of my life and I’m praying it doesn’t end on April 2. Pray with me!! 😉

Anyway, watch my interview from last night here:

I’m going to be making another video blog tomorrow, hopefully getting it up by Friday!! It all depends on my homework schedule! I’ve been spending the last two days being super productive in terms of schoolwork, trying to get these final assignments done and out of the way. So far so good. 🙂

I need to find some time to do some serious updating though, my websites have been lacking hardcore in the updates department this month! 😦 (But the frequency of updates for this blog have definitely shot up! Haha!)

Anyway, more soon! Keep your fingers crossed for me for April 2nd please!!

Thanks again everyone whose voted for me!!!! 🙂


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BoomerHOANG’ing back up the leaderboard! :D

So yesterday was the last full day before voting closed! I was sitting around 4600 votes at the start of the day and I had made getting at least 5000 votes before voting closed as the final goal. GUESS WHAT? IT WAS REACHED!!!! At about 11:00 AM today (Tuesday), I have 5023 votes!!! Not only that, but I had also climbed up to 15th place!!!

March 24 2009 - 15th place in terms of votes! Thanks everyone!!

March 24 2009 - 15th place in terms of votes! Thanks everyone!!

Thank you so much everyone!!!! 😀

It’s definitely a horserace though, I’m only just barely ahead of Nila from Indonesia so I can easily be bumped back to 16th spot before closing ends today… but hopefully I’m not bumped! (As a side note, I’ve spoken to Nila online before and she’s great!! :))

March 23 2009 - CTVs online profile about me!

March 23 2009 - CTV's online profile about me!

The last news coverage I got before voting closed was from iNews880/630CHED and CTV!

March 23 2009

Time is running out for our local “Greatest Job in the World” candidate
Click here to read online article from iNews880 website.
Click here to read online article from 630CHED website.

(I wasn’t able to get an audio clip of the coverage :()

Meet the Canadians on the ‘Best Job’ shortlist
Click here to read profiles on 7 Canadian candidates

Today I am going to be on Alberta Primetime (Channel 9/ACCESS) at 7 p.m.. Alberta Primetime tends to do a lot of live on-site interviews so I thought it would have been fun if they had filmed me going indoor bungee jumping at the West Edmonton Mall World Water Park for the first time, but with time and work constraints that wasn’t able to happen. Still, looking into the indoor bungee jumping got me really excited so I hope to do it sometime within the next month! 😉 My brother had asked “aren’t you scared?” and I said “NOPE! :D”

Also on Thursday, I’ll be in Carleton University’s The Charleton student paper! They wanted to feature the two students in the competition (myself and Mitchell from Ontario!) 🙂 I had a great time talking to the student reporter, Julie. Can’t wait to see the article online!

I actually think that the voting round could not have ended at a better time. I’ve only got a a little over a month left before I’m finished the school year so final assignments, projects, and studying for final exams is all snowballing up fast. Yikes! Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day doing homework, much like how today will be spent as well.

I’m trying to get as much out of the way as possible so that in the event that I am announced in the Top 11 on April 2 (*crossing fingers* :)) that I’ll have my last assignments and projects finished already so I don’t need to try and juggle that with talking to media and everything. 😀

Anyway so there’s just a little update for today! If you can vote before 11:59PM UTC today (which is 5:59PM MST/Alberta time!) please do!!! Again, thank you everyone for voting, thank you for everyone whose sent me tweets, facebook messages, and emails of support! You don’t know how much it means to me! Shall blog again soon! 🙂

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The Great Barrier Reef is “of outstanding natural importance to the common heritage of HUMANITY!”

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia!!

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia!!

So thanks to the Twitter account of Tourism Queensland, I was introduced to some awesome Queensland Holiday & Travel Podcasts this week! It was very interesting listening to the podcasts and it just made me even more determined and desperate to get the Best Job in the World and experience all of the amazing that Queensland has to offer!

(Note: Even if I don’t get the job, after all of this, I’m definitely making a trip to Queensland a priority in my near future. ❤ BUT LET’S NOT THINK NEGATIVELY! I will get this job!!! ;))

In this blog I’d like to highlight some things from the Great Barrier Reef, Great Barrier Reef Islands and Whitsundays podcasts! So like the title of this post says, in 1991, the GBR was declared to be “of outstanding natural importance to the common heritage of humanity.” When I first heard that I literally stopped because it sounds so epic. LOL. Don’t you think?

The Great Barrier Reef: One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World!

The Great Barrier Reef: One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World!

So the Great Barrier Reef runs 2,300 km (1,429 miles. I don’t know these conversions off hand, by the way. Credit to! ;)) along the Queensland coast. Along with it’s 400 types of coral reef, 1500+ species of fish, there are 74 islands that the reef surrounds! Only 8 of the islands are inhabited (including Hamilton Island, where I would be staying if I become Island Caretaker), but the rest of them are definitely explore-able. 😀

Some activities to do on the islands of The Great Barrier Reef? Scuba-diving, snorkeling, sailing, bushwalking, jet-skiing, and island hopping via sea planes! (And those are just to name only a FEW of what you can do in this paradise).

The HEART of the Barrier Reef! (Hardy Reef) Naturally shaped like that!!!

'The HEART of the Barrier Reef!' (Hardy Reef) Naturally shaped like that!!!

I also found out while listening to the podcasts, that this famous heart-shaped reef that I kept seeing pictures of all over the place whenever I searched up Queensland, Australia, is NATURALLY FORMED LIKE THAT! My brother had asked me last week whether or not it was man-made to attract tourists and make for good photographs and I had shrugged and said ‘I really don’t know actually,’ but now I do! 😉

Also, have you ever wanted to clean your jewelry? (LOL) Well apparently on the beautiful Whitehaven Beach, you can actually clean your jewelry (effectively) on the white sand!!!! But that’s really just an extra perk.

The beautiful white sand of Whitehaven Beach!

The beautiful white sand of Whitehaven Beach!

Another thing I wanted to point out, because as I’ve said in a few media interviews and just in general since this whole Best Job campaign started, is that I’m easily one of the least-experienced candidates in the Top 50. I don’t have certified degrees in diving or snorkeling and other worldly experience, but I don’t think that should be a requirement in order to get this job!! You don’t require tourists coming to Queensland to be certified swimmers and divers right! And as the Island Caretaker job is really like being the ultimate tourist, I don’t think it’s required that I be a professional all-that-stuff in order to be amazing at the job! Maybe by the end of my 6 month time in Queensland I will be a professional swimmer/diver/snorkeler/etc, but I think it’s all part of the fun, the experience, and the appeal, to learn how to do everything there, and experience it like a true tourist would for the purposes of this job. 😀

Also, this was said in one of the podcasts which definitely supports what I’m saying:

“You don’t have to be an experienced diver to enjoy the great beauty of the Great Barrier Reef!”

So there! Queensland said it themselves! 😉

Anyway, I encourage everyone to listen to the podcasts (linked up at the beginning of the post). I’m falling more in love with Australia by the day and I think if everyone took some time to read up about it, look at some pictures, view some video footage and research the place, you would fall in love with it too. Because seriously what I’ve written here in this post today doesn’t even touch the surface of what you can do Down Under. I. want. this. job. so. bad.

Please remember to vote! Only a few more days left for voting!

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My poster ended up on a pole 2824 miles away! :)

Hello everyone! Does everyone like the new blog colors? 😀 I love it! It makes me all excited for Spring. (Note: There is still a LOT of snow on the ground in Edmonton and a forecast for more snow over the weekend… wooo… Spring…. LOL).

I can’t believe the below pictures because it looks SO GREEN, GORGEOUS AND WARM in Georgia. (Jealous. :()

My posters up around Savannah, Georgia! Thanks Zellie!

My posters up around Savannah, Georgia! Thanks Zellie!

So Zellie, a ‘Best Job’ candidate who didn’t make it to the Top 50, but has been staying up-to-date with Best Job news and interacting with the Top 50 (including me!), took my poster file, printed some out, and put them around Georgia to help my campaign!!!!! 😀 Thanks so much Zellie!!!!! I appreciate it so much! chalk advertisement in Georgia! Thanks Zellie!

"" chalk advertisement in Georgia! Thanks Zellie!

There was a Chalk Art Festival going on at the time and Zellie put up a chalk advertisement of my video link too! 😉 (Unfortunately all the chalk was washed off after the festival ended but… LOL, but still!!) Thanks again Zellie!!!

I also put up a few more posters around town as well. 😉

I also put up some more posters! :)

I also put up some more posters! 🙂

Only a few more days left to vote for me!!

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Hi there oily-looking forehead on national television!

The setting for a CTV remote interview!

The setting for a CTV remote interview!

This morning I woke up at about 3:55AM so that I could be at a CTV Canada AM interview! I had to be at the TV station by 5:20AM and it takes about a half hour to drive there from my house. It was waaaay early but prior to, I had gone to bed at 8PM!!! So I had my full 8 hours and was fairly awake by then. It was just kind of weird functioning at that time when the rest of the world seemed to be asleep (I’ve never seen the roads clearer!)

Because Canada AM is based in Toronto, I wasn’t able to do an actual sit down on the couches a foot away from the interviewer, face-to-face type of interview. Instead I did a “remote interview,” where I basically get a earpiece that allows me to hear the questions the interviewer is asking me, and I answer by looking straight into a camera, and it shows up on TV like a split screen!

This is the screen that shows how I look to the people at the Toronto station!

This is the screen that shows how I look to the people at the Toronto station! That's cameraman Ian's hand! 😀

The cameraman at CTV Edmonton is named Ian and he was very friendly! He said he’d be heading back to sleep after I was finished there, LOL. My interviewer was Seamus O’Regan, one of Canada’s top broadcasters (my friend Mackenzie let me know how jealous he was that I had spoken with him, LOL! Oh Mackenzie. ;)), and he was really nice! I messed up when I tried to say “Australia” (I think that would be my first mistake out of all the ‘Best Job’ interviews I’ve done, whooooops!) but oh well! Mr. O’Regan (LOL, do I call him Seamus?) was very nice and he complimented my smile. Hehe. Overall it was a good (quick) interview!

I realized afterwards that I had had an opportunity to broadcast to Canada that they should try and help me get Neil Patrick Harris to watch my video!!! Damnit! Missed my opportune moment. 😦

Anyway shortly after I was finished there, I tweeted online saying I was done at Canada AM and had a lot of fun, and then I got an @reply tweet from CTV Canada AM’s Twitter!!! (Note: I didn’t @reply CTVCanadaAM with my tweet, so they had tweeted me all on their own, yay! :D)

CTVCanadaAMs March 19, 2009 tweet to me!

CTVCanadaAM's March 19, 2009 tweet to me!

Here’s the CanadaAM clip: “Canadians in contention: Linda Hoang” !

March 19, 2009 Canada AM with Seamus O’Regan

March 19, 2009 Canada AM with Seamus O’Regan

My apologies for the oily looking forehead – WOW. I was not sweating or anything either! I think it was definitely the three beams of light they shone on me that seemed to seduce the oiliness into shining oh so brightly. Tourism Queensland, if you’re reading this — please don’t not pick me because you think my forehead is too shiny for the job! 😦 (LOL)

So immediately after that I headed over to 91.7 The Bounce downtown because the Pepper & Dylan Morning Show were having “Puddle Splashing Day” and I was to be their “guest splashee.” It really had no relevance to Australia or anything at all (LOL), but it was a fun kind of stunt that brought more awareness to my video & Best Job campaign!

In wet suit, preparing for Puddle Splash Day!

In wet suit, preparing for Puddle Splash Day!

I also tried to make it Australia/Best Job relevant by sporting my friend’s cousin’s scubadiving wetsuit! (As I don’t have my own as I’ve never been scubadiving before but would love to experience that Down Under! ;))

I ended up throwing a huge raincoat over the wetsuit anyway though because it was freezing outside, but it’s the thought that counts!

Amit & I on Puddle Splash Day (March 19, 2009)

Amit & I on Puddle Splash Day (March 19, 2009)

We were out being splashed from about 7:30AM-9:00AM (with a few breaks in between to get warmed up and drink some hot chocolate ;)) and then right after that I went straight to school! Amit blogged about the day HERE, which also includes an audio of some of the splashing! 😀

The Pepper & Dylan Show’s Twitter also helped advertise me! 🙂

The Pepper & Dylan Shows Twitter tweet advertising me!

The Pepper & Dylan Show's Twitter tweet advertising me!

All in all I had a really fun morning. I love speaking to the media and I love that I got a chance to do some crazy, goofy, fun stuff while promoting my Best Job campaign! 🙂

P.S. Here is an article in the Vietnamese newspaper that was put online today!

“Linda Hoàng mơ “việc làm tốt nhất thế giới””
(Linda Hoang wants the Best Job in the World!!!!)

There’s only 4 more days to vote!!!

Please help keep me up high on the leaderboard everyone!

More soon, it’s just super late and I’m sick (the puddle splashing probably didn’t help, lol) so I need to call it a night.

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VIDEO BLOG: March 16 2009 – Go to Queensland for your next vacation! ;)

Hi everyone! Today I went to the downtown MacEwan area to promote Queensland, Australia to Edmontonians!!!! 🙂 (Well, to promote Queensland as well as my video :D) It was a lot of fun!!

Thank you Rob, Chelsie, Lauren, Brad, Dave, and Meg for agreeing to talk to a completely random person in front of a camera!!! Very much appreciated!!!!!! And thank you to my friend Margaret Zygadlo for being the cameraperson for the hour!!! 😉

See Tourism Queensland, I’m already promoting you! 😉 Haha!

Remember to vote everyone!

Thank you!

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