Best Job Weekend Update!!! (Lots of stuff!)

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Hey everyone!

This is definitely a jam-packed blog post… so if you’re a lazy reader, scan the following topics and see if anything is of interest to you and then scroll down accordingly! πŸ˜‰

In this blog: Edmonton Down Under Club + The Bounce throw their support behind me, I put campaign posters around my campus + the city, the Grade 11 marketing class from North Park Secondary School send out a press release to media outlets in Canada talking about how they’ve been supporting me and that results in the Edmonton Journal doing a story on it/me! And some stuff about learning how to snorkel and more campaigning ideas for next week!

With some members of the Edmonton Down Under Club :) March 11th

With some members of the Edmonton Down Under Club πŸ™‚ March 11th

So this week I met with some Australian and New Zealand members of the Down Under Club of Edmonton! They were all really sweet, really supportive, and they happily took the little vote cards I had brought to distribute! πŸ˜€ They also said they would send out an email to all the members of the Club and ask them to vote for me, and they put up a little blip to help my campaign on their webpage!!

Edmonton Down Under Club promotes me on their website! Click image for a larger-sized, readable screencap! Thank you Down Under Club!!!

Edmonton Down Under Club promotes me on their website! Click image for a larger-sized, readable screencap! Thank you Down Under Club!!!

I really appreciate them doing that and I’m glad I’ve got the support of the Down Under locals here!

This week I also did an interview on the hit radio station 91.7 The Bounce’s Pepper & Dylan Morning Show! They’ve put their support behind me as well and have invited me to be their guest puddle splashing star on Monday! (LOL, I really don’t know how this relates to Australia, but it should be fun and goofy and maybe people who listen in on the program that morning will think ‘Hey she’s fun!! I will go vote for her ;)’) They also put up a blip encouraging their listeners/blog visitors to vote for me as well!

Click image for a larger-sized, readable screencap! Thank you Pepper & Dylan!!!

Pepper & Dylan promote me on their blog! Click image for a larger-sized, readable screencap! Thank you Pepper & Dylan!!!

I’m actually trying to think of ways to relate the puddle splashing event with Australia and the Best Job and what I came up with is wearing a scuba diving wetsuit during all the splashiness but I’ve been looking around for a wetsuit to borrow or rent and it’s not looking like I’ll be able to get one by Monday (and cheaply!) so I might just wear my snorkel mask. πŸ˜‰

Along with trying to get the word out about myself a little more via the Down Under Club and The Pepper & Dylan Show, on Thursday and Friday I started putting up some campaigning posters around the city, my campus, and my old high school! My face now hangs around Edmonton’s Chinatown area, as well as various spots around the Centre for the Arts Campus of MacEwan and Eastglen High School! I’m going to hit up the MacEwan’s City Centre campus on Monday!

I’m hoping these posters help get me some more votes!! Here’s a little collage of the posters I’ve hung up! (I forgot to take pictures of the ones I hung up at my old high school though, whoops!)

Please Help Linda Hoang Get The Best Job in the World posters!

"Please Help Linda Hoang Get The Best Job in the World" posters!

When I went to my old high school, I found out that the entire staff have been voting for me every day! So sweet.

Speaking of people at high schools that have been voting for me… (LOL like that little transition there? :D) The Grade 11 marketing class from North Park Secondary School, who told me last week that they, as a class, had chosen to support and help get me more votes, came up with a press release about all of the support they’ve been doing and sent it to media outlets across the country!! They are SOOOO sweet!!!! I am so blown away by all of their support!! Here is a link to the press release they sent out (I took out a student’s contact information at the end tough, so only the media will have the version with that):


The fact that they chose me… out of all the other candidates, and out of all the other GREAT Canadian candidates, means so much to me.. and the press release they sent out already got me more media coverage (and therefore more votes! I hope ;)) So amazing!!

Here’s a link to the March 14 2009 Edmonton Journal article about the Brampton, Ontario students supporting me!


Apparently there was also a Global TV segment about North Park Secondary School’s support for me but I definitely missed it! (Trying to find if it’s online ;))

Also in terms of media coverage, on Thursday, March 19th, I’m going to be on Canada AM (Canada’s most watched National morning news show :D) !

This week I also learned how to snorkel!!!! I mean I’m not a professional (but I mean do you expect tourists going Down Under to be professional snorkelers in order to experience snorkeling there? I don’t think so!! LOL). But I am definitely keen on trying and learning so this week my friend Margaret taught me the basics and I think I did pretty good!! And it was fun! Plus the snorkel gear I got was only $7! LOL hello economical purchases! πŸ™‚

I’m going to keep practicing this coming week. πŸ™‚

Also this coming week I’ve got a new video blog idea that should be a lot of fun so stay tuned for that!

And as always, please keep voting and telling others to vote!!

Thank you!


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Best Job Posters & Cards! Please help spread the word! Updated: Media Coverage (and Best Job Media Coverage “Page”) !

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