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Lindork’s So You Think You Can Dance Blog Posts – Here are the Season 6 Top 20 Official Photos!

October 22 2009.

Top 20:

Top 10 Guys:

Nathan Trasoras. 18. Contemporary

Jakob Karr. 19. Contemporary

Legacy Perez. 28. Hip Hop / Breaker

Billy Bell. 19. Contemporary

Kevin Hunte. 23. Hip Hop

Victor Smalley. 20. Contemporary

Peter Sabasino. 22. Tap

Phillip Attmore. 25. Tap

Ryan Di Lello. 28. Ballroom

Russell Ferguson. 20. Hip Hop/Krump

Top 10 Girls:

Mollee Gray. 18. Jazz

Ellenore Scott. 19. Contemporary/Jazz

Kathryn McCormick. 19. Contemporary

Karen Hauer. 27. Latin Ballroom

Ariana Debose. 18. Contemporary

Noelle Marsh. 18. Contemporary

Pauline Mata. 19. Jazz

Channing Cooke. 18. Contemporary

Bianca Revels. 20. Tap

Ashleigh Di Lello. 26. Latin Ballroom

There’s your So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Top 20!

What do you think?

Pre-performance show I know I’m loving Nathan Trasoras, Jakob Karr and Legacy.

Sidenote: I like the new show opener!

🙂 Linda


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My articles for the NAIT Nugget student newspaper (Sept. 24-Oct.8)

So since starting TV Broadcasting at NAIT I’ve been volunteer writing for the student paper (The Nugget). I’ve got a regular technology column (I forget if I mentioned that in the last post) and I try to do at least one entertainment-related piece for the paper per week too!

Here are scans of the articles I’ve written in the last three weeks:

Here’s a picture preview for funsies:

I’ve had a lot of fun writing all the articles actually and I’m glad I’m still keeping up with print journalism whilst studying the broadcast side! 😉 Plus it’s awesome because The Nugget actually PAYS you for articles! Being paid for my work? What a concept.

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