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Lindork’s So You Think You Can Dance Blog Posts – Here are the Season 6 Top 20 Official Photos!

October 22 2009.

Top 20:

Top 10 Guys:

Nathan Trasoras. 18. Contemporary

Jakob Karr. 19. Contemporary

Legacy Perez. 28. Hip Hop / Breaker

Billy Bell. 19. Contemporary

Kevin Hunte. 23. Hip Hop

Victor Smalley. 20. Contemporary

Peter Sabasino. 22. Tap

Phillip Attmore. 25. Tap

Ryan Di Lello. 28. Ballroom

Russell Ferguson. 20. Hip Hop/Krump

Top 10 Girls:

Mollee Gray. 18. Jazz

Ellenore Scott. 19. Contemporary/Jazz

Kathryn McCormick. 19. Contemporary

Karen Hauer. 27. Latin Ballroom

Ariana Debose. 18. Contemporary

Noelle Marsh. 18. Contemporary

Pauline Mata. 19. Jazz

Channing Cooke. 18. Contemporary

Bianca Revels. 20. Tap

Ashleigh Di Lello. 26. Latin Ballroom

There’s your So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Top 20!

What do you think?

Pre-performance show I know I’m loving Nathan Trasoras, Jakob Karr and Legacy.

Sidenote: I like the new show opener!

🙂 Linda


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Lindork’s So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 – Winner Thoughts

After 21.6 million votes, the winner of SYTYCD Season 5 is Jeanine Mason!!

Please refer to this blog post where I gush about how much I love Jeanine Mason and would be completely on board if she won this season, to see how I feel about her win. Ha ha.

I am in shock with this win because never in my So You Think You Can Dance-watching history, have I actually LOVED and rooted for, the dancer that actually ends up taking the title. Never.

Season 1? Nick Lazz won. While I love Nick now, I will honestly say that I haven’t really fully seen Season 1 (whoops..) but the clips I had seen, I felt that Blake McGrath should have won for sure. Season 2? OBVIOUSLY TRAVIS WALL SHOULD HAVE WON. Season 3? Again, obvious. Danny Tidwell trumps Sabra (I don’t even know her last name? She was that forgettable…) in pretty much every aspect, and should have won, but did not. And Season 4? Do. Not. Get. Me. Started. About how set up Joshua Allen’s win was… I’m sorry if that upsets people. But Nigel pimping and over-praising Josh throughout the entire season, shoving him down my throat, and oh-so-coincidentally predicting an “untrained” hip-hop dancer would win that season, makes me want to vomit. (Mark should have won, by the way. And I have found that for most people I’ve spoken with and forums I’ve checked out, Mark is the post-Season 4 favourite dancer by far).

So anyways, that brings us back to the point that I was trying to make… I have never loved a SYTYCD winner before until now. Until Jeanine Mason took the title last night. I think this is the most well-deserved and rightful win in So You Think You Can Dance history. Of course there will always be people who don’t agree. Who say that Brandon is technically stronger or what have you, but to them I say you cannot deny Jeanine’s talent. You cannot deny her technique, you cannot deny her charisma, her personality, and her energy. Her performances have always been stellar and she has always put so much into each routine on that SYTYCD stage. Even if a partner was weaker, she was still strong. She still shone. I love Brandon as well and I think had he won, he would have deserved it too and I would have ben happy for him. Honestly, I liked the entire Top 4 this season (which is also another rare occurrence). But there is no denying that Jeanine Mason deserved to win this season and I could not be more thrilled that she did.

Looking back, I find that I really enjoyed watching this season and I’m especially glad it introduced me to Kuponohi’ipoi Aweau, Jason Glover, and Jeanine Mason.

Now let’s watch Jeanine’s finale solo that bled brilliance:

And now I will end this with a clip of the intense and incredible encore performance of Kayla Radomski and Kupono Aweau’s Addiction piece, choreographed by Mia Michaels. This (along with Travis Wall’s Jason & Jeanine piece) was the performance I was waiting to re-watch last night. One of the absolute best and most memorable routines of Season 5 for me.. Better, if possible, the second time around.

Thus concludes Season 5! Crazy thing is that So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 2 kicks off this Tuesday… and then So You Think You Can Dance America starts back up next month with Season 6, while Season 5 starts touring next month too! That’s a LOT of SYTYCD… Maybe more than I can handle, even though I love this show to death.

Still, I’m looking forward to continued blogging about the show (both Canada and U.S. versions), along with seeing if I can squeeze in some more legitimate interviews with show dancers, judges, and choreographers for SYTYCDISM! 😉

Farewell Season 5! It’s been a fun few months!

Also, what do you think? Jeanine’s win, well-deserved? Should Brandon have taken the title? Were you surprised Kayla was 4th place instead of 3rd place even after all of the negative comments the judges gave to Evan on Wednesday night? Don’t you just love Adam Shankman as a judge? I do! And do you think there is too much SYTYCD going to be taking place in the next little while?! Will you get sick of it or can there never be enough SYTYCD?

Side note: I think it’s lame that Jeanine only gets to keep the SYTYCD title for a couple months since Season 5/6 is back-to-back this year..

Linda (:

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My Exclusive SYTYCDISM.COM Interview with SYTYCD’s Season 2 Top 8 Finalist, Allison Holker!

Along with my Q&A with Randi Evans-Strong today, I got a chance to speak with SYTYCD’s Season 2 Top 8 Finalist (and my personal favourite Season 2 girl) Allison Holker!

Allison is on her way to New Jersey today for a dance camp, but had a quick chat with me before getting on her flight!

Watch for Allison in tonight’s special 100th episode Ramalama Bang Bang performance!

In this exclusive Q&A with SYTYCDISM, Allison tells us what she’s been up to since Season 2 ended (including having a baby girl!), how she’s stayed in such tip-top shape, whether or not she would ever participate in a SYTYCD All-Star Season, being back on the SYTYCD stage for Ramalama Bang Bang, Trivallie, Twitter, and more!

Big thanks to pochaccopnai, KayJDance, Dusywingsnhalo, Sytycdismylife, & NatPack for submitting some of the questions asked of Alli!

Listen to the audio interview below:

Here’s the full transcription of the interview:
(Note: I’m going by my ‘Lindork’ alias for this, as you can see, lol)

Lindork: First off, what have you been up to since the show? It’s been 3 years!

It’s been a long time since the show but right after the show I did obviously High School Musical 2 and I did a couple of commercials, so just really random things in Utah, really random stuff. Then I did a production of the off-broadway show Revolution, which was a tap show, which was another weird thing that I did because I’m not really a tapper but you know you learn new things every day. What I mostly do though is I teach with different workshops and conventions, actually that’s what I’m leaving to go to right now I’m on my way to New Jersey [for a dance camp]. Also I recently had a little girl, she’s now a year old and her name is Weslie!

Lindork: How has being a mom affected your dancing or your dance career?

Actually yeah that is a hard topic, it is a little bit difficult I think in the dance world usually people don’t really have children you know but at the same time it’s just like any other working mom. Parents always have to go to jobs every day and do their business and make money and make a living and so that’s what I do and it gets a little hard sometimes to leave her for long periods of time but I had a really supportive family and a really supportive father and everyone is always behind me and actually pushing me to work more. I’m always like ‘Oh I shouldn’t take this, I’m gone for too long,’ but everyone’s like ‘No!’ So it’s just really awesome. I really only took like three months off, like my last month of being pregnant and than I took two months after having her but after that I was working again it’s been awesome and my body is back in shape.

Lindork: How have you kept so in shape after having the baby?

I actually I had a personal trainer and I have a nutritionist that I work with that I mean I always lie to, I hope she doesn’t hear this interview, she makes me write down in a log everything I eat everyday and I’ll eat like a burger but I’ll be like ‘Yo, it’s a turkey burger’ not from Burger King. But you know it’s obviously a good thing right I lost all my weight!

Lindork: You’re going to be on the 100th episode Ramalama performance is that right?

Yes I am. Oh my gosh, it’s a pre-taped thing, I don’t know if I’m not supposed to say that I don’t think it’s really a big deal but we pre-taped it a couple of weeks ago. I’m actually not going to be able to be in L.A. for the taping and the actual 100th show because I’ll be in New Jersey which I’m so sad about because everyone else is going to be there BUT me and it’s like Ah! Reunion! But yeah we pre-taped it and there’s actually, I don’t know if you’ve heard this but there’s a surprise. I’m not going to tell you what the surprise is but it is REALLY cool. I mean it’s the same number that everyone has seen from the past season but there’s a twist to it and it’s really cool oh my gosh it’s like my favorite thing I’ve ever done in my ENTIRE life! It might not be a big deal to everyone else but it is a big deal to us as dancers.

Lindork: What was it like being back on the So You Think You Can Dance stage?

It’s fun. It’s different. It brings back all those memories like everyone cheering in the audience, it’s really overwhelming you know? It was fun to be back up there. And also it brought back all those nerves. I went up to the dancers on this season and I was like ‘Oh good luck to you guys!’ because it brings back all those… there’s always nerves and whatever and I made sure to tell them they are doing a really good job.

Lindork: What do you miss the most from Season 2 and being on the show?

What I miss most is probably the family that we had. I mean a lot of us are still really close but like every single day we were together like we all were so supportive of each other and just helping each other and it was really cool to have that little family you know, it was competitive but not really. Everyone just wanted the best for each other. And then working with all the choreographers.

Lindork: Do you still keep in touch with Trivallie? Travis, Ivan, Natalie?

Yeah, definitely. Me and Travis and Ivan talk all the time. Natalie, we’ve stayed in contact for like a year, a year and a half but then she moved to Greece and obviously it’s a little harder to talk to her if she’s overseas. But like we haven’t stayed quite as much in contact as I’d like but we still check in with each other every once in awhile. I’m so mad I’m not going to see her tonight. The 100th show is tonight right? I’m so sad I’m not going to see her. I actually just saw Musa Cooper in New York the other day which was really random but it was really cool.

Lindork: If there was a SYTYCD All-Star Season and they asked you to compete, do you think you would do it?

If they asked lots of people back? Oh heck yeah! I would be back in a flash. That would be no question. I mean we’ve all been hoping that they do some kind of Vegas show or something to bring all the dancers back together so at one point it was an idea there like oh maybe we should get a show together and we were like ‘We’ll all do it!’ and we’ve never heard back. That was like three years ago. You never know.

Lindork: I know you’ve taught in Canada, do you think you’ll be coming up to teach in Canada again anytime soon?

Oh yeah! I’m actually going to be teaching a convention called Drop Dance Intensive I think, and I go to Canada starting in October I go to… I don’t really know if I’m saying it right but it’s like Sa-skatch-ee-wan or something! (Saskatchewan) I just like that word. I don’t even remember what the other cities are that’s the only one I remember because it was so weird but I’ll be coming to Canada starting in October and I think I come to Canada like three or four times. I’ll definitely have to keep you guys posted on what cities and the dates.

Lindork: Last question, do you have a Twitter account? Do you tweet?

Did you just say Twitter oh my gosh, I mean I’m not knocking anyone that does it but no I don’t have a Twitter. You know what I say I don’t have one now but probably here in a couple months, it’s like a fad so I’ll probably end up having one but as of right now I don’t.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to SYTYCDISM, Alli!
Can’t wait to see you in the Ramalama performance tonight!

* Side note: I love Allison! She’s so fantastic and sweet and I really, really can’t wait to see her on the show tonight! *

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My Exclusive SYTYCDISM.COM Interview with SYTYCD’s Season 5 Top 10 Finalist, Randi Evans-Strong!

Today I spoke with this season’s Randi Evans-Strong, one-week post-elimination from the show!

In this exclusive Q&A with SYTYCDISM, Randi tells us what she’s been doing the past week not being on the show, how it feels to have fans, the 2009 SYTYCD Live Tour, what advice she’d give dancers vying for a spot on the show, and more!

Unfortunately I’m not including an audio/video of the interview because of time constraints, but here’s the full transcription of the interview:
(Note: I’m going by my ‘Lindork’ alias for this, as you can see, lol)

Lindork: Today is exactly one week since you were eliminated from the show, can you tell me what the past week has been like? Is it weird not spending every hour practicing a routine?

It definitely is a very nice break for my body! Right after I got eliminated the next day I actually flew to Miami to spend some time with my husband which was awesome and I just finally got back to Utah yesterday so I’ve been relaxing a lot it feels amazing.

Lindork: What are you doing in Utah right now?

I’m just kind of hanging out with my family. I will be at the SYTYCD Season 6 auditions tomorrow at Salt Lake, I’m just going to go out there and kind of see what’s going on.

Lindork: Now I know you’ve actually auditioned for the show more than once, is that right? What made you keep coming back and not getting discouraged?

This is my third time auditioning. I just knew that I had what it took to be on the show. It was just something that I wanted so wanting something like that keeps you going.

Lindork: Are you excited for tour?

Oh my gosh, I cannot wait for tour. We start rehearsal in like a month or so. I cannot wait!

Lindork: Do you know whose going to be your bunkmate on the tour bus?

No I have no idea I really don’t know any details or anything.

Lindork: Which routines do you really want to do on tour?

I’m really hoping I can do the Halo Hip Hop number, that was a lot of fun. And I would like the chance to do Mia’s butt dance again I really liked that one.

Lindork: How did your husband handle you being on the show?

He was just beyond supportive. He was happy for me because he knew how badly I wanted it but as far as dances centered around my butt, he knew that it didn’t mean anything so he was cool with it.

Lindork: What does it feel like to have fans?

Oh my gosh it’s so crazy! It’s really weird like people come up to you and they’re like ‘Are you Randi from So You Think You Can Dance?’ you know. I still feel like myself so it’s really weird when people want to come talk to me or take a picture with me but it’s very cool and I’m very flattered.

Lindork: What advice would you give dancers wanting to make it on the show? What should they be prepared for?

Oh they should be prepared for anything really. During the whole audition process and Vegas Week you think you know what’s coming your way but you really don’t, you never know. Just stay positive and have a good time. If you’re not having a good time than why are you doing it?

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to SYTYCDISM, Randi!!
Goodluck and have fun on tour!!

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My Exclusive SYTYCDISM.COM Interview with SYTYCD’s Broadway Choreographer Joey Dowling!

Today I got a chance to interview SYTYCD’s newest Broadway choreographer, Joey Dowling!

Joey is the choreographer behind this season’s Randi & Evan – Top 14 Broadway as well as Kupono & Kayla’s – Top 12 Broadway!

In this exclusive Q&A with SYTYCDISM, Joey tells us her own dance background, what it was like to choreograph for the show, her connection with S2’s Allison Holker and this season’s Randi Evans-Strong, which dancer remaining she thinks is the stand-out star of Season 5, whether or not she’ll be coming back to choreograph for Season 6, if she tweets, and more!

Listen to the audio interview below:

Here’s the full transcription of the interview:
(Note: I’m going by my ‘Lindork’ alias for this, as you can see, lol)

Lindork: Now before you actually choreographed for the show, did you watch it all? Were you a fan of So You Think You Can Dance?

Yeah I actually am a fan of So You Think You Can Dance. I think it’s a great avenue in which kind of reality TV can kind of support and also showcase all of this amazing talent that all these kids across the country have in a television setting. Usually I’m not a big fan of reality TV but when SYTYCD first came on the air I thought Wow what an awesome venue that they can really kind of… you know reality TV is reality TV but in a really variety show type of way, where the reality part of it doesn’t take over the talent part of it and really watching these young dancers grow and learn and showcase what they’re really good at and also showcase what they have to try and get to be good at.

Lindork: So when you were contacted to choreograph, what was your reaction?

I’ve actually wanted to choreograph on the show for a couple of years now. I was still kind of dancing and doing shows here and there, commercials, television, film and dancing and things but I’ve also had a huge love for choreography since I was 15 years old. My mom has a studio and it’s actually in Orem, Utah called The Dance Club and Allison Holker has trained at my mother’s studio. I left to move to New York and then this past year Randi was actually from my mom’s studio like eight years ago so some of those faces I recognize but when I got asked to choreograph the show I was floored! I was floored. It was a great opportunity for me to showcase my choreography and I love choreographing on teenagers because I’ve been doing it my whole life doing it at conventions and going to studios and choreographing on teenage kids. So I was stoked, and I hope I get to do more and they’ve asked me about my availability in the future and it ended up being a fantastic experience the two episodes that I did.

Lindork: Were you nervous (about choreographing for the show)?

Was I nervous?? Oh my gosh, I spent three weeks on a minute and a half duet. I was lucky enough to have a lot of… I had about two and a half week’s notice before I had to go and choreograph on the show and so I really took my time and really wanted to do a song that was really true to my heart and a style that I absolutely love and I’m kind of a jack-of-all-trades. In my career I’ve been lucky enough to have opportunities to tour with Mariah Carey so I got to do a lot of hip hop and do music videos and I was also in broadway shows where I got to really learn true musical theatre style. I got to do company work where I got to do a lot of classical work. I was a Rockette so I learned that kind of style and it helped me and has helped me in doing choreography to really push the box and try and incorporate other styles within musical theatre. Because I think there’s a lot of room for interpretation so I chose the song because I just love the music and I think it’s amazing music and also a lot of inspirations in my life and Bob Fosse was one of them so I decided to choose that song and I was lucky enough to get two dancers that really did it quite well. But yeah I was nervous, I think I’m very intense and I’m very specific and I like working very hard and very focused in a room and I think it was kind of funny because I had a lot of people go ‘Yup that is exactly how you are!’ you didn’t try to be the little ‘Oh nice Joey, don’t scare anybody off! Don’t intimidate anybody!’ It was like ‘Okay let’s get to work!’

Lindork: How long did you have to work with the couple, to show them the routine?

Mary Murphy is right you really honestly only have about five and a half hours. You have about an hour and a half the first day and that’s when the cameras are on and you really only have about five and a half hours. They get on stage for about an hour and they have a dress thru (?) which is about an hour and then they do the show. So when they say really only have five and a half hours they’re not kidding it’s pretty amazing that the numbers end up looking as good as they do after only working with those kids for five and a half hours.

Lindork: Just this past week, Randi and Kupono who you worked with, were eliminated, I’m just wondering what you thought of the elimination and what you think of them as dancers?

A lot of times the show is a little bit like a gambling game and when you get dealt a card when everyone else’s card is stronger than yours, that’s just the way the game goes. I thought they should have gotten kicked off that week I thought they were the weakest couple and America obviously agreed. It kind of sucks that there’s certain things on the show that the kids are not in control of and when they end up getting judged on those variables then that’s kind of difficult, you know a costume or a style of dance or whatever, it’s kind of 50/50. If you end up having to do solos the entire time, then you would put 150% into yourself but it kind of a little bit towards the beginning of the game a duet competition so it’s 50/50 so if your partner’s not strong enough and he kind of gets ripped apart that reflects upon you as well. I thought it was fair, I thought it was fair that Kupono and Randi ended up going.

Lindork: Which dancer would you say is the stand out one right now?

I’d have to say that I really truly think that Melissa has been a little bit of a dark horse. I’m usually very wary of ballerinas, I think they’re usually very stiff and they’re ability to new styles is usually very, very hard. As far as really getting styles, having a really technical base is always going to save everybody. As far as somebody who is a major hip hopper, the minute they have to do something technical it just shows like a sore thumb, there’s no hiding it. But I have to say that Melissa has really kind of blown me away. She did the hip hop group number, she was awesome. I think she’s going to possibly be in the Top 2. I really do. I think Ade is great. I think Brandon is fantastic. I think they have a lot of talented people on the show right now. All of them are technical dancers and all of them have adapted to other styles so well that it’s just kind of a guessing game. It just ends up being what card they get dealt, what style they get dealt, I just think it’s kind of a gambling game a little bit to me which is also really fun because you get to see how the cards are dealt and what they do with those cards.

Lindork: Now you said they were asking you your availability so do you think you will be choreographing again for Season 6?

Probably for Season 6 but I don’t want to guarantee that. They have asked me about my availability like I said, I don’t really know about Season 5 because when there ends up getting to be less dancers they kind of have set schedules and I was lucky enough to jump into the mix this year and very humbly and very excited about that. I hope I end up doing some stuff in Season 6 and that’s kind of all I know right now. So hopefully.

Lindork: Do you have a Twitter account? Do you tweet at all?

My sister and I have a clothing line called JO AND JAX and we have a Twitter account that is called I also have a Facebook account that I’ve gotten a lot of activity on since [being on the show]. It’s awesome I ended up getting a lot of support, people I don’t even know are like ‘I loved that! That was awesome! I want to have a fight on stage!’ It’s pretty great.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to SYTYCDISM, Joey!
Looking forward to seeing your routines in the coming Season!

* I am completely stoked that I got to do this interview because it puts me on step closer to that entertainment/television journalism route. Exciting! Big thanks to Kelly Wanlass, who does PR for the dance studio that Joey works with, for setting this up via Twitter. Kelly, Joey, and Twitter, ROCK! *

Click here to see the post on SYTYCDISM.COM!

Linda (:

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Andrew’s pretty unbeatable surprise!

July 21 2009.

This is Andrew & I on iChat several months ago!

This is Andrew & I on iChat several months ago!

My friend Andrew, who runs SYTYCDISM.COM, had told me a few days ago that he was going to sing me an original happy early birthday song via iChat video sometime this week before I leave on vacation. So he asked me what my schedule looked like this week and I told him my only available day it seemed would be Tuesday (today). He got back to me the next day with a specific Tuesday time, “Make sure you’re online so I can sing to you from at least 2:30pm to 4:00pm your time!” (Andrew lives in California, so he’s an hour behind me).

Anyway, so I had a lot of errands to do today and I ended up running late, so I told Andrew I’d be home and online by 3:00pm instead of 2:00pm, to which he replied, ‘You’ll regret that!’ (i didn’t really understand why I would regret it). Anyway, when I got home and got on, Andrew says “Hold on let me prepare” so I am getting ready to be blown away by an overly adorable inside-joke-riddled original birthday serenade, when the iChat video screen pops up and it shows Andrew in one window and then an empty room in another window. I say “Um, why is there two screens?” And Andrew says his friend wants to watch as he sings to me. In my head I am thinking that’s the weirdest thing ever. BUT THEN…




If you don’t know, Mark Kanemura was my favourite dancer on So You Think You Can Dance last season. I also have a fansite of him: MK-O, which has a very active forum filled with awesome people who also loved and still love Mark!

Anyway, Andrew had concocted this entire lie about how he was going to write and sing me a birthday song when actually he had been plotting a big surprise video interview / chat with Mark! He called me a bad journalist for not having questions prepared spontaneously. RUDE. Lol but just kidding, not really rude. Basically Andrew is the best and along with Mark has given me thus far the most thoughtful birthday gift to date. (My birthday is on Sunday, by the way ;)) SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

Here's the three-part giggly, fun-filled fest:

Andrew forgot to include his own audio when he was recording so unfortunately you can't hear anything he says!)

I swear I am more professional as an actual journalist than this but come on, I love the guy and the whole thing was hilarious. I’d much rather have this rocking-back laughter video with Mark than a serious one. Well actually I don’t think I could even do a serious on with him, hahaha. Too funny. ❤

In terms of looking at this as an actual interview and what information was gathered, I would say a lot that would be of interest to the Mark / So You Think You Can Dance community! We learn about Mark's original audition, his living in L.A. as a dancer, opinion on SYTYCD judges , thoughts about Kupono's departure and which remaining dancers he likes, and more!

Fun times. Great surprise. Awesome day! Thank you Andrew & Mark! 😉

Linda (:

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Lindork’s So You Think You Can Dance Recap – Top 16/14/12 Performance & Results Thoughts

July 11 2009.

Okay so basically I fail at my recaps given that I missed recaps for the past two weeks. My bad. I swear I’ll do a better job for Season 6.. lol. Anyway this recap is going to go in a weird sequential order because I want to touch on things from the recap/thought blog weeks that I missed!

So here’s a jumbled Top 16/Top 14/Top 12 post:

Jonathan Platero, Asuka Kondoh, Karla Garcia, and Vitolio Jeune are eliminated Top 16 and Top 14 week. I would have traded Caitlin for Karla to stay an extra week but I’m not really upset at all over these eliminations and I think these four (well, excluding Karla because again, I’d prefer if she had stuck around for at least Top 12 week), were definitely at the bottom of the stack when compared to the other dancers. It was definitely their time to leave and their routines won’t really sorely be missed on tour. In fact I really couldn’t name or describe any of the routines that these four were involved in, besides Jon & Karla’s Stacey Tookey (woot woot, Edmontonian!) contemporary.

Sidenote: Did you know Jonathan and Karla are dating now in real life? WEIRD.

Phillip’s elimination + what Nigel said during Top 16 performance episode..

So Top 16 is awhile back now and I don’t know how many of you remember this but it’s one of the points that I really had wanted to blog about. After Phillip and Jeanine’s Top 16 performance, Nigel said to Phillip that he knows it’s hard and that they’ve put a lot of pressure on Phillip, expecting him to do all these different styles each week, yadiyadiya, like that was an excuse for Phillip’s subpar performances. I was really annoyed by this. I have been a Phillip fan since pre-Top 20 week but even as his fan, I knew that he was not proving to be the best or most versatile in this competition and I was just so annoyed that Nigel said that because Phillip is not the only one on the show being faced with the challenges and pressures of learning new styles and choreography under time constraints weekly. No. And that is what the competition IS. So that is not an excuse for a bad performance when others in your same situation are doing great. Back during Top 16 week I had intended to write that Phillip better step it up or else he’s going to be gone because even if he is likeable, and even though his solos are fantastic, his repeated failure in couple performances was going to be his downfall.

And so it was. Lol.

Phillip’s departure from the show this week (Top 12 week) was a sad one but he was up against the seemingly-unstoppable Ade (who had by far the best solo of the night, and one that was done to the same song that Travis Wall has done solos to), and the ever-adorable Jason. Nigel and Co. were super smart and timely with this elimination however, because they were able to ensure that Phillip gets to be a tour alternate, thus still ensuring the thousands and thousands of fans who will be sure to buy their tour ticket in order to get a chance to see/meet Phillip once tour kicks off which equals cha-ching $$$$ for Nigel and the producers.

What do you get when you combine Mia Michaels with Kuponohi’ipoi (YES I LIKE TO WRITE HIS/SAY HIS FULL NAME BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!) Aweau & Kayla Radomski? The stand-out, memorable routine of the season, where once Season 5 is over and you think back to it, this routine is the one that pops out (or well, one of the ones that pop out, as I expect more memorable brilliance is yet to come). This “addiction” piece is intense, mesmerizing, beautiful and so sad. Kaypono perform the hell out of it and the choreography is fantastic. Everything about it is perfection and I am still blown away by how eerie Kupono’s smirk is throughout the routine, especially at the part where Kayla is fighting to get out of his grasp near the end. I thought Nigel’s critique about Kayla’s hair was ridiculous. I saw her face just fine thanks. And Kupono in the rehearsal clip, voice wavering + tearing up over his friend & family’s experience with addiction was heartbreaking. Let’s everyone re-watch the routine again now:

The other stand-out performances from this week is obviously Brandette’s Argentine Tango and Wade Robson Jazz. Wade is so amazing. He is a dance choreographing genius and he looked fantastic this week. Seriously. So pretty.

Other things to note from this week:

Looks like there’s not going to be a SYTYCD Michael Jackson Tribute which is REALLY sad news. Do you know how kickawesome an MJ dance tribute would have been? Seriously. (P.S. if you’re confused about the picture choice that accompanies this MJ paragraph, that is a shot of the Season 4 dancers on tour last year during their Halloween “Thriller” finale dance special). Anyway, I’m hoping that because Nigel expressed his disappointment and sadness nationawide, whoever is in charge of music rights (Sony or something?), feels bad and decides to let SYTYCD do a tribute after all, because really, that would be such an insane show..

I didn’t really like Tyce’s Top 14 group routine. Which is unfortunate because it kind of ruined the streak of group routines that I all really enjoyed. And also…


I have been steadily liking Jeanine more and more as the past few weeks have progressed but this week I am really able to say that I. Love. This. Girl. And me saying that I wouldn’t mind if she won this season, is really a big deal because if anyone recalls my earlier SYTYCD-related posts, I repeated several times how I never ever care for the SYTYCD girls as much as I care for the SYTYCD boys, and the fact now that I’d like a girl to win… that’s a big deal! But seriously. Jeanine has been stellar in everything she’s done. She’s outperformed Phillip in their partner routines on more than one occasion. I love her solos. I love the youtube videos I’ve found of her. She’s ridiculously talented. She has an adorable personality and, clearly stating the obvious, but, SHE IS UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS. As I’ve stated on my Twitter, if people reading this have been reading my tweets, I am completely into the male gender, but I seriously cannot express enough how gorgeous, beautiful, attractive, and super talented I think Jeanine Mason is.

Now let’s watch this:

Frick. ❤

Kupono's still my favourite guy/overall though.

In fact, here is my ranking for the remaining dancers:

1. Kupono
2. Jeanine
3. Jason

4. Kayla
5. Evan
6. Ade
7. Brandon
8. Janette
9. Randi

10. Melissa

Overall, a very strong Top 10.

Okay anyway, for Top 12 week, the bottom 3 guys and bottom 3 girls were:

– Jason Glover
– Phillip Chbeeb – eliminated (but will be on tour)
– Ade Obayomi
– Caitlin Kinney – eliminated (but will be on tour)
– Jeanine Mason
– Melissa Sandvig

Caitlin’s elimination was right (and should have happened sooner in my opinion). I wrote my thoughts about Phillip’s elimination above. As strong as Melissa’s performances with Ade have been the past few weeks, as of now she is my least favourite girl and I’d like her to leave as soon as possible but I highly doubt that will happen, especially given that the judges are in love with her.

I also enjoyed NappyTab’s group routine this week:

ALSO, major awesome news…

TRAVIS WALL IS FREAKING CHOREOGRAPHING A COUPLE ROUTINE THIS WEEK!!!! Seriously. This is going to be amazing. I am so excited. If Kaypono’s Mia Michaels ‘Addiciton’ piece was memorable this past week, Trav’s routine for whichever extremely lucky couple this week, is going to be the memorable one. Mark my words. Ah I cannot contain my excitement!!!

And please be sure to watch this video of Kupono’s “Signature Move”, hehehehe:

And if it says not available in your country, because America hates Canada, click here!

Anyway, here are my little picture elims for the last three weeks:

Dancers remaining:

Comments are very welcome!

Linda (:

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